Every year, thousands of Canadians sustain brain injuries as a result of accidents, neurological diseases, or neurovascular events. The recovery process can be slow and challenging for both the individual and the people around them. Survivors often feel unable to take care of themselves, participate in paid or unpaid work, or engage in the leisure activities they once enjoyed. Without help, TBI-related cognitive, physical and emotional deficits can make it difficult to reclaim a place in society.

Essential Occupational Therapy helps brain injury survivors overcome their disabilities. Providing individualized and client-centred services, our team of highly skilled and experienced therapists specialize in providing the assessment and treatment needed to increase independence and improve quality of life. We offer compassionate, real environment, activity and project-based therapies. Our proven techniques are designed to take advantage of previously learned skills, rehabilitate areas affected by injury, and train new skills and abilities. Whether it is help with cognitive skills and community function, or assistance with school, work or everyday living that’s needed, our results-oriented methods make a positive difference in the lives of everyone involved.