In everything we do, everyone at Essential Occupational Therapy acts as guided by our core values:

Quality of Service: At Essential Occupational Therapy, we implement evidence-based techniques provided by highly trained Occupational Therapists. Our Occupational Therapists are continually learning in order to provide you with the best care possible.

Respect for Client’s Goals: At Essential Occupational Therapy, we follow a client-centred practice framework. This means, we work to ensure we are working on YOUR goals that are meaningful to you. That is why we meet with you in your home, workplace or community, so we can better understand the demands you need to meet and the activities you choose (or need) to pursue.

Honesty: In every interaction and in our practice, we will be honest and transparent with you and others on the team. Honesty is essential to building trust, and trust is necessary to the therapeutic relationship that needs to exist between you and your OT, in order for you to make change.

Confidentiality: As Health Care Professionals, we take confidentiality very seriously. We do not discuss your case with anyone without your express consent. For a full copy of our Privacy Policy, contact us.

Inclusion: It is our belief that everyone should have access to the opportunities and pursuits that they may choose, regardless of race, gender, age, or disability.

Autonomy: It is our goal to empower you to live your life on your terms.

The Importance of Occupation: It is our belief that an individual can impact their health through the activities in which they engage, where they engage in activity, and how they perform the activity. This is the core of our practice.