Essential Occupational Therapy provides comprehensive assessments with an emphasis on the way physical, cognitive and psychosocial challenges impact upon your functional capabilities in daily life.

Assessments are conducted in your home, workplace, school or community to provide an accurate picture of your problems and your abilities. This gives us the information we need to provide effective solutions and treatments.

The following assessments are available:

  • Comprehensive Functional Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • Job Analysis including Cognitive Demands Analysis
  • Job Site and Ergonomic Assessment
  • Attendant Care Needs Assessment
  • Home Accessibility Assessment (including our Fast-track Pre-Discharge Home Assessment)

Comprehensive Functional Occupational Therapy Assessment

An in-depth look at all aspects of your physical, cognitive, and social/psychological functional abilities, its purpose is to assess any impairments and determine their effect on your daily required activities (such as parenting, school, work, personal care, housework, sports, reading and leisure, etc.) Information gathered in this assessment is then used to create a plan to help you function effectively in daily life by capitalizing on existing strengths and skills, and improving or circumventing impairments.

Job Analysis including Cognitive Demands Analysis

A comprehensive job analysis provides a complete and detailed written analysis of all aspects and demands of a job. This information is used to develop a plan that will assist you to return to work successfully. Workplace physical, cognitive, and social demands are assessed through a combination of interviews and worksite observation.

Job Site and Ergonomic Assessment

An assessment focused on ensuring that the physical layout of the workstation is appropriate for you, ensuring that you can complete work tasks without risk of developing or aggravating physical problems.

Attendant Care Needs Assessment

Your personal care needs are reviewed through a combination of clinical interviews with you and/or your caregiver(s), and observation of you performing some of the problematic tasks. These observations can later be used to develop personal care plans.

Home Accessibility Assessment (including our Fast-track Pre-Discharge Home Assessment)

To make sure you are able to access your home and that this access is safe, our therapist will complete an assessment which may include:

  • discussions with your health care professionals
  • a medical record review
  • direct observation of you and your ability to complete certain tasks
  • assessment of your home environment

Recommendations will be made by the therapist based on this assessment to ensure that your return home is safe and stress-free. Typical recommendations may include such things as:

  • modifications to the home (for example, a walk-in shower may be easier to enter than a shower inside a bathtub, or stairs may be more easily and safely used if railings are available on both sides)
  • equipment to help you manage tasks more easily and independently for the short-term (for example, bath seats, commode chairs, hospital beds, or raised toilet seats)
  • services to complete the tasks you are not yet able to do (for example: home cleaning, snow removal, meal preparation/provision, personal care support)

In the event that speed is of the essence due to an early or unexpected hospital discharge, a Fast-track Pre-Discharge Home Assessment can be made within 48 hours.